Our Team



We want to create incredible worlds to be explored and fascinating characters to meet while you are there.
Above all we want to tell great stories and craft meaningful experiences that stay with you long after you’ve finished them.


With Salix’s headquarters based near Guildford, the majority of the team works remotely around the world,
with each member bringing diversity, passion and expertise to the games we make.




Jessica is the founder of Salix Games and a sound designer who has worked on such titles as Fable, Kinect Sports and Batman: Arkham Knight, her achievements for which were recognised in 2015 when she won a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit award.
Residing in leafy surrey with her partner and two cats, Jess’ life is devoted to acquiring new furry babies and Instagramming even more pictures of unbearable feline cuteness.


Ed is a programmer who has worked with some of the biggest entertainment companies in the world, including Microsoft, Disney and Bethesda Softworks.
After perfecting the art of shooting and exploding characters until they fly off in ever more elaborate and hilarious ragdolls - thereby achieving his life’s ambition of making the Keystone Kops of gaming - Ed decided it was the right time to look at other types of gameplay experiences. He founded Tea Clipper Games to work on new collaborations and is pleased as punch to be working with Salix to bring Du Lac & Fey to life.


Philip is a writer who has worked for such titles as Killzone, Batman: Arkham Knight and most recently Kingsman. He is also developing several film projects with his brother Neil Huxley, an LA based director.
When Philip isn’t being a terrible cliché, plagued with self-doubt and hating everything he writes, he likes to collect fine gins and pocket squares, but not necessarily in that order.


Jess is an animator who has worked for Lionhead Studios and Creative Assembly. With a background in multimedia, which she studied in France, and a first prize winning graduate film, Jess worked for Axis Animation upon graduating before settling into the games industry.
In her spare time Jess is a musician and practises martial arts. So, come the day Salix are on a team jolly and the zombie apocalypse hits, she will not only be able to comfort us with a melodious tune, but also dispatch the undead hordes as and when they attack.