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Salix Games
Based in the UK
Founding Date: April 1st 2016

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1888. The Ripper stalks London’s streets. Join Arthurian immortals Sir Lancelot Du Lac and Morgana Le Fey on a thrilling quest to stop history’s most infamous murderer and save the city.

Why the Ripper?

We want to explore the origins of legends and how they shape our culture. Perhaps the most notorious of modern British legends is that of Jack the Ripper. What did the Whitechapel murders mean to London? What effect did they have on the people who lived there? And how do they still impact us today?

Why Lancelot & Morgana?

What better way to explore these questions than through the eyes of Arthurian legends; Lancelot and Morgana, stories about who were especially prevalent in the 19th Century as the ruling classes sought to revitalise chivalric codes in an attempt to control a society that was rapidly changing along lines of class, gender and race.


As well as creating a truly cinematic experience with a cast of amazing actors, we also wanted to design a visually distinctive game. We have drawn inspiration from the many amazing concept artists we have worked with throughout our careers. It is often a shame those incredible artworks are rarely seen outside of the development studio - we sought to change that. By utilising classical techniques and the latest technology, we’ve crafted a beautiful and unique visual style that harks back to the atmospheric paintings of Grimshaw and Whistler and allows players to explore a living work of art.